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Infrared Foot Sauna

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Infrared Foot Sauna

│ User's Guide │

● Name and Model: Infrared Foot Sauna (BSK-008-1, BSK-008-2)
● Power: 220V/60Hz
● Power Consumption: 245W
● Material: BSK-008-1 - Para rubber trees, hemlock
     BSK-008-2 - Para rubber trees, bamboo
● Heater: Silicone heaters
● Standards body: 480*390*400mm
● Weight: 7KG
● Operating temperature: 20~70℃
● Electrical Safety Certification No.

│ How to use │

1. Before use, connect the power cord to a power outlet.
2. Press the power button to start the operation. Operating time is 60 minutes, the temperature is set at 50 ℃.
3. Temperature setting: Press “▲” and “▼” buttons to adjust the temperature.
(It can be changed at 20℃~70℃)
※If you set the temperature, the set temperature is blinking for 3 seconds.
The internal temperature will be displayed and it will gradually rise to the set temperature.
4. Setting for Operating hours: Press “▲” and “▼” buttons to adjust operating hours.
(Time can be changed from 1 to 99 minutes.)
5. Operation Time indicates "00" and then buzzer rings and stops working.
6. Please check again product power is turned off after use.
(Please disconnect the power plug after use.)

│ Practical use │

① If you take 1-2 cups of warm water or various fermented beverages, it is better.
② The temperature of 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ is appropriate.
(It cannot sweat, but according to the physical constitution the effect of the half-bath is the same.)
③ Please use after a certain period of minutes in order for the set temperature to rise.
④ Recommended operating time is approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on physical constitution.
We recommend that you take a shower after about 10 minutes after perspiration because it reduces the effect of the dry sauna after using it and taking a shower.
⑤ When contamination arises due to sweat inside, disconnect the power cord, wipe it with a dry towel.
⑥ Feel free to enjoy the foot bath, wearing the clothes or socks according to your taste, but if you want a more powerful footbath, we recommend that you take off the lower part of knees.
⑦ If you use the product after the preheating, covering the entrance with a towel or blanket. You can enjoy home sauna better.

│ How to use for hips sauna │

① Place the sub-mount on the product and use.
② When it is used as hips sauna, intentionally do not force you to sit. Sit down lightly. Do not rock it side to side while sitting.
③ Operating time is good for 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on physical constitution.

│ Precautions │

① When you use it for a long period of time, beware of low-temperature burn.
② Do not pour water inside sauna.
③ Please check your skin condition every 30 minutes. If there is something wrong, please stop using it immediately.
④ If you feel too hot, please stop using it.
⑤ Do not use it at bedtime due to low-temperature burn.
⑥ Especially please be careful for sensitive skin, infants, the body is unnatural, inconvenient
(visually impaired, the elderly), drank a lot of alcohol, sleeping pills, etc.
⑦ If this product is suspicious, please consult your doctor before use.
⑧ Cold, fatigue, menstruation and high temperature when you are, do not use.
⑨ If you have any symptoms such as fatigue while you take hips sauna, please reduce the count of using hips sauna.
⑩ Please be careful not to let water get inside.
⑪ As for pregnant, the elderly, patients with (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure), please consult your doctor before use.
⑫ Be careful not to touch the water or not to wash the inside of product.
⑬ Please note that long-term use causes low-temperature burn.

│ Low-temperature burn │

If you have been exposed to long periods of low temperature, higher than the body temperature, low-temperature cause redness, burns, causing symptoms such as blisters.
Please be careful without awakening, It could become a low-temperature burn.

│ Product Notes │

① It is forbidden to use for other purposes than its intended use.
② Do not add water to this dry sauna product.
③ After using the product, please be sure to unplug the power cord.
Do not continue to leave the power cord plugged into.
④ Switch off the power when not in use for a long time.
⑤ Because of the use of wood, Design of products, colors may be different.
⑥ (This cannot be a reason for return or exchange.)
⑦ Because of the natural aroma of the log (as in the dry state, the processing environment), the first two or three times, stronger aroma (smell) may be come out during use.
⑧ Do not use electrical appliances with wet towel.
There is a risk of timber damage and electrical shock.
(Wipe with a dry towel to clean the product.)
⑨ Do not use bleach, dye, paint, graffiti products, knives or nail, awl, the impact of heavy objects, sharp tools, etc. because it can damage a change in the color and capabilities of the product.
⑩ Use rated 15A or more of an AC 220V outlet alone.
There is a risk of fire with other Appliances in parallel. It is overheating due to overload.
In addition, this may result in fire.
⑪ Do not use a voltage other than 220V AC. Do not touch the power plug with a wet hand.
⑫ If need to arrangement, be sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet.
⑬ Do not use this product where there is the water or cleaning something with water.
(Do not use it in wet floor, a swimming pool, bath, bathroom, etc.)
⑭ In a case when the power cord is damaged, replace it at a qualified service center.
⑮ Except for the service technician, do not disassemble, repair or remodel it (fire and electrical shock hazard).

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Infrared Foot Sauna

Infrared Foot Sauna